We collect used textiles and footwear for reuse and recycling.
You can drop them off at one of our drop-off bins. Click on Drop-off Points to find the nearest collection bin to you. Should your donation be too heavy or bulky to bring to a bin, please send us your location and we will come to pick it up from you.
Click here, to see all our drop-off points.

Bedding, Trousers, Duvet covers, Blankets, Sheets, Underwear, Caps, Cleaning cloths, Pajamas, Belts, Skirts , Curtains, Towels, Shirts, Jacket , Napkins , Scarves , Socks, Ties, Tablecloths , Bags, T-shirts, Cardigans, Vitrage, Swimwear, Dresses, Stockings, Pillowcases , Sweaters , Tea towels, Shoes (tie pair together

  • Our headquarters is located in Marurui in Nairobi, Kenya, near Marurui Primary School.
  • The Nigerian office is located at 5 Jaiyeola Abidoye Street, Thomas Estate, Ajah. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • The Dutch office is located at Biesboschstraat 60-3 1078MZ Amsterdam
You can support us by giving us your unwanted textiles and footwear. You can also buy our products from our website or you can join our team through our ambassador program. And last but not least tell your friends to donate their used textiles to keep them in the loop!

You can write to us at info@act or call us on +254 737 215319 or reach out to us through our social media pages.

First, ACT creates much needed jobs for the unemployed. Next to that, ACT allocates a portion of the revenue from recycling to charity. We support charity causes of our collection partners such as the Strathmore University kitty and Colobus Conservation in Diani with 10 Ksh per KG. Remaining donations are channeled (next to fitting clothes and bedding) to Matthew 25 children’s home. If ACT collects and recycles more items, Matthew 25 can save more street kids!
No, we do not. We only forward items to the home that are useful for the children, such as fitting clothes and bedding. We do not provide the home with items for adults, such as high heels. Through reselling items, materials and recycled products we aim to monitise textile waste. The funds that are generated support the organisation, the collection bins, the transportation, the sorting facility, the workers and the charity causes of our collection partners and Matthew 25. Materials such as wool and acrylic are stored and when they have accumulated to a large volume they are sold to blanket manufacturers. Some wearable items sustain jobs in reselling. Due to COVID-19 foreign second hand clothes have become expensive or inaccessible to low-income communities and resellers. Eventually we aim to replace foreign second hand clothes with locally sourced clothing in order to reduce dependency on imported items and keep funds within the country. We would like to make better use of what is already available. Finally, we use mostly non-wearable denim and uniforms to create carpets. Footwear and backpacks. A portion of the revenue supports charity again.
Yes we do, visit our Get Involved page for more information. We can use all the support we can get to make the fashion circular. Donations and grants are to upgrade our sorting and recycling processes so that we can divert more materials from the landfills and create more jobs. 

Yes, we can. Reach out to us on +254 737 215319 or through our social media pages and we can work on something exciting together.

To get our carpets, you can order one via our website or reach out to us through our social media platforms and we will be happy to help you get one. Please note that we also do tailor-made orders. Together we can produce your dream carpets!

Yes, it is. Reach out to us on +254 719 107668 and we can arrange an appointment.

Primarily yes, but we do make exceptions from time to time. 

We currently have new and exciting products in the pipeline, stay tuned to see what we have in store for you. 

No, we do not. At the moment we are strictly collecting textile waste.

Please join. For example by becoming an ACT Ambassador! You can organize a collection event at your estate or promote the cause through your network, ACT Ambassador Program We always share job openings on our social media pages (i.e. LinkedIn) and website for job opening