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What is ACT?

We are building circular eco-systems for fashion in Kenya and Nigeria. By diverting used textiles and footwear from the landfills,
we support the environment and create jobs. Let’s recycle fashion waste!

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Handmade from landfill destined denim.

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Shop for trendy masks, handmade in Kenya!

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Handmade from landfill destined denim.

Our Projects

Elephant Guardian Backpack

ACT and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) joined hands to recycle the uniforms of SWT's guardians. Together we flipped a waste problem into an opportunity, by repurposing used uniforms into amazing backpacks! Check out our backpacks on SWT's global shop:

Upcycled SGA Security Uniforms

Old SGA security guards’ uniforms are now upcycled into school bags, pencil cases and shoppers, in an effort to promote a clean environment in the country and generate jobs. As the upcycled items already hold the correct colours and logos, they replace old giveaways and relational gifts. They ...

Matthew 25 Children Home

Matthew 25 Children's Home provides around 30 intelligent, talented, and adaptable children with education, food, medical care, and shelter. The average cost to support one child is $4 per day. How does ACT help? Next to providing the home with fitting clothes and bedding, ACT provides funds, ge...

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