We collect used
textiles and footwear
for reuse and recycling

What is ACT?

We are Africa Collect Textiles and we are kickstarting a solution to end the textile waste mountain that is causing harm to our environment and our people.
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What is ACT?

We are kickstarting a circular economy for textiles! By diverting used textiles and footwear from the landfills,
we support the environment and create jobs.

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Handmade from landfill destined denim.

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Our Projects

Matthew 25 Children Home

Matthew 25 Children's Home provides around 30 intelligent, talented, and adaptable children with education, food, medical care, and shelter. The average cost to support one child is $4 per day. How does ACT help? Next to providing the home with fitting clothes and bedding, ACT provides funds, generated by reusing and recycling used textiles. The funds are used to strengthen and grow Matthew 25. So by donating used textiles, Matthew 25 can save more children from a life on the streets and provide them with a better future.

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