Texfash.com – Interview with ACT


We never wanted to copy-paste a European collection and recycling model!


Nairobi-headquartered Africa Collect Textiles (ACT) is run by ordinary people with extraordinary ideas on how to divert textiles from landfills. No one believed recycling clothes would work in a country where a sizeable proportion of people wears secondhand clothes from abroad. Founder Elmar Stroomer tells us why and how it does.

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Greenpeace – Poisened Gifts

Check this report on the darkside of mitumba from Greenpeace! If you are interested in fashion, wonder how circular this industry is, or want to

Bijzonder nieuws uit Kenia

Een succes, dat is het zonder twijfel te noemen. Ruim veertig ontwerpers en architecten schreven zich afgelopen jaar in voor weer een nieuwe editie van