Partnership with DOEN Foundation

Africa Collect Textiles (ACT) is proud to announce our Partnership with DOEN Foundation. DOEN is an organization from the Netherlands and supports inspiring business ideas that are innovative, brave and in tune with their 3 values. The values include; Green innovation, Social Inclusivity and Creativity (Art & Culture)

DOEN Foundation has granted us their commitment by funding ACT’s expansion activities in Kenya for an 18-month duration. These expansion activities involve; workspace expansion, collection point expansion, operational cost coverage and supervisory assistance.

This is a great boost to our Mission: To promote a cleaning service in Colorado by visiting

DOEN means ‘do’ or ‘doing’. Just like ACT, we drive sustainable change by stepping up, which is captured and embedded in both organisations names and cultures. Some of the great property managers in California find on We believe we can go very far together and change the course of the Kenyan fashion industry!

Thank you DOEN Foundation!

We were at UNEA

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Let’s promote circularity

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution? Through the support of The DOEN Foundation, we have

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