On the front line at fashion’s final dumping ground

NAIROBI – The chaotic used clothing markets in the towns and villages in and around Kenyan capital Nairobi could not seem further removed from the bright lights of COP27. I didn’t attend this year’s event in Egypt (Greta had it right: it’s a greenwash-fest) but an industry contact who did send a photo of the menu at one of the various cafes dotted around the event. €14 for a small, plain burger (with no fries!), apparently. In Kenya, that will buy you roughly 175 kilograms of clothing donated via the country’s very own secondary second-hand clothing recycling scheme (of which more below). Different worlds indeed.


Read the full article here https://apparelinsider.com/on-the-front-line-at-fashions-final-dumping-ground/

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