On the front line at fashion’s final dumping ground

NAIROBI – The chaotic used clothing markets in the towns and villages in and around Kenyan capital Nairobi could not seem further removed from the bright lights of COP27. I didn’t attend this year’s event in Egypt (Greta had it right: it’s a greenwash-fest) but an industry contact who did send a photo of the menu at one of the various cafes dotted around the event. €14 for a small, plain burger (with no fries!), apparently. In Kenya, that will buy you roughly 175 kilograms of clothing donated via the country’s very own secondary second-hand clothing recycling scheme (of which more below). Different worlds indeed.


Read the full article here https://apparelinsider.com/on-the-front-line-at-fashions-final-dumping-ground/

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ACT in the Daily Nation!

In March this year, the East African reported that Mitumba imports from China to Kenya jumped by 86.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2024. Over the years, the volumes of second-hand clothing, shoes and textiles have increased at worrying rates. But quantity is not the only issue – several organisations have raised alarm over the quality of second-hand textiles making their way into Kenya and Africa from around the world. A 2023 report by Changing Markets Foundation, an organisation that exposes irresponsible trade practices – titled Trashion: The stealth export of waste plastic clothes to Kenya, shows there is an increasing number of low quality, unwearable second hand clothing coming into the country. The report notes with concern that Kenya and the rest of Africa have become a release valve and a textile dumping ground for countries in the global north as fast fashion and consumerism explode. Read more here!

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We were at UNEA

We are excited to be one of the exhibitors at this year’s UNEA6 conference. The United Nations Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body for matters related to the environment. It sets priorities for global environmental policies and international environmental law. To be recognized as a key African organization focusing on circular solutions for the fashion industry. This platform provided an avenue for us to interact with delegates from different countries showcasing our solutions. During the event, we offered live weaving and repair experiences. A tailor-made UNEA6 rug was woven during the event which will be hung in a prominent place in the UN HQ in Nairobi. Click here  to see us featured on the UNEA media  and here on Spanish TV

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