Why We Collect

Kenya imports yearly more than 100 million kg’s of clothes. After use all textiles and footwear end up being burned or landfilled. By collecting the items clean and dry we can give them a 2nd, 3rd or 4th life! ACT will prepare them for re-use or recycling. This way we set up a circular economy for textiles and shoes that generate jobs as well as funds for charity.

how We Collect

ACT places collection containers in shopping malls, churches, schools and universities for people to drop off their used items. Through the collection our collection partners generate funds for their charity causes.

what do we do with it ?

Every item is sorted and carefully evaluated. The items are made ready for re-wear or recycling. Wearable items flow back to second-hand markets or are donated to orphanages and elderly homes. Recyclable materials are processed into shoes blankets, bags, furniture and eventually new clothes! Check our shop for handmade items!

Kitenge Dots

Denim Baller High Top

Women Kitenge rainbow

Kitenge Royale

Denim Stripes

Denim Wave

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