ACT is in the business of collecting textiles and footwear. Through strategic partnerships ACT establishes collection points for people to drop off their items.  We focus on working with churches, universities, shops and shopping malls. If you have items to drop-off please find one of our bins at the following locations: The Village Market Nairobi Chapel Nakumatt Lifestyle Nakumatt Thicka Road Mall Nakumatt MEGA Strathmore University University of Nairobi Thank […]

ACT makes sure it finds or creates the best possible destination for each and every donated item. We make sure items are sorted on wear-ability, material and color. Sorted fractions are donated (for example to orphanages), sold to Mitumba wholesalers or recycled by ACT itself into building materials or furniture. For the longer term, when technologies allow, and materials and items are designed for recycling, we aim to up-cycle all […]

When items cannot be used or worn again they need to be recycled. We want to prevent these valuable materials to be discarded on our overflowing landfills and pollute our environment. The ultimate recycling would be to recycle the items into textiles and footwear again. Unfortunately existing technologies do not allow us to do that with all items. Mixed fabrics are difficult to recycle. Also when pulping fabrics we loose […]

Next to sorted out batches of collected items, ACT donates a part of the profit to charity. For every collected kilo of donated items ACT sponsors the collecting partners charity fund. Together with the collecting partner ACT selects how the generated funds are spend.   ACT also selects its own beneficiaries. Through the collection the following organisations receive funds or sorted items: The Knitting Project Foundation facilitates the foundation of […]